Scientific Manuscripts
Dr. Charles Stewart

Peer-reviewed publications

Articles in journals and collections
(Stewart & Stouppa 2005)
C. A. Stewart and P. Stouppa. A systematic proof theory for several modal logics. In R. Schmidt, M. Reynolds, and H. Wansing, eds, Advances in Modal Logic Volume 5. College Publications, ISBN 1904987222.
(Stewart 2002)
C. A. Stewart. Reducibility between classes of port graph grammar. In Journal of Computer and System Science 65(2): 169—223. Academic Press.
Published contributions to peer-reviewed academic conferences and workshops
(Hein & Stewart 2005)
Purity through Unravelling. Presented to the Structures and Deductions: The quest for the essence of proofs workshop (proceedings), a satellite of ICALP 2005. Lisbon, July 2005.
(Stewart 2001)
Compiling AGG into the Network Linear Graph Reduction System (abstract). In G. Taentzer, L. Baresi and M. Pezze, editors, Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques. Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione Politecnico di Milano.
(Ong & Stewart 1997)
A Curry-Howard foundation for functional computation with control. In Proceedings 24th Conf. on Principles of Programming Languages. ACM Press.

Examination manuscripts

(Stewart 1998/2000)
On the formulae-as-types correspondence for classical logic. DPhil thesis, Programming Research Group, University of Oxford.

Technical Reports

(Stewart 2002)
A proof of the reducibility of general port graph grammars to simple port graph grammars [ps]. Technical report 2002-1, Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Berlin.
(Stewart & Stouppa 2003)
A systematic proof theory for several modal logics. Technical report WV-03-08, Technische Universitaet Dresden. Preprint of (Stewart & Stouppa 2005).