May 1970
Born Peterboro, Ontario, Canada to Jeanette Alexina Stewart and Hugh Drumin Stewart. Canadian citizen by birth, and British citizen by descent.
March 1975
Moved to Clochan, Banffshire, Scotland.
June 1988
Completed secondary education at Leeds Grammar School (Leeds, England), with A-levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and General Studies.
July 1991
Completed undergraduate residency at Worcester College, Oxford, obtaining an Upper-Second class BA honours in Mathematics and Computation.
August 1994
Abandoned professional traineeship as a tax accountancy consultant at KPMG Peat Marwick, Leeds, after 11 months of working towards the ACA auditor qualification.
January 1999
Completed doctoral residency at the Programming Research Group, Oxford University (again affiliated with Worcester College), as a DPhil student of Luke Ong, and after circulating the first draft of my DPhil thesis to several logicians for comment, and with the hope that one might either give me employment or act as my external examiner. Moved to Waltham, MA, to take up NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship with Harry Mairson.
March 2000
Successfully defended my DPhil.; my examiners were Lincoln Wallen (internal examiner), and Zhaohui Luo (external).
January 2001
Completed the two-year NSF Fellowship, and moved to Berlin, Germany.
May 2006
Resigned my post at TU Dresden following my return from my visiting Assistant Professorship at Yale University. Registered Textproof as the name of my freelance editing business.